Tips for choosing the ideal garden hose

Gardening epitomizes a fundamental function in various homes. In this regard, you need the employment of basic tools in order to perform these gardening functions efficiently. A garden hosepipe is an example of these tools, and it is utilized to water plants and flowers in your garden. The garden hose can also be employed in other roles including washing cars and other surfaces. However and more importantly this equipment can be used in irrigation of land that stretches over several acres as well as small backyard gardens. Your garden depends on water to flourish, and therefore you need the best garden hosepipes to facilitate proper gardening.

The following tips are essential in the selecting the ideal garden hose;

The length of the hosepipe

It is recommended that you select the hosepipe based on the measurements of the area that you intend to employ its usage. Normally these hosepipes range from the length of 10 feet which is 3 meters to 100 feet which is the equivalent of 30 meters. It is thus important to measure the length of the hosepipe you are buying against the surface you would like it to cover effortlessly.

The thickness of the hosepipe

The thickness of a hosepipe determines the amount of water that is going to be produced per minute. If you require a lot of water at a given time, then it is imperative that you go for a hose that is thick. Also, the thickness of a pipe will determine the pressure. In this regard, if you need pressure then you would be best suited with the thinner pipes.

The nozzle options

Thickness determines pressure, but the nozzle controls the water pressure that comes out. This nozzle is usually attached at the end from which you spray water.

Antimicrobial protection

Hosepipes are made from recycled materials that could be harmful your health and that of the plants. Consequently, it is prudent to prevent the growth of bacteria with the aid of antimicrobial protection. The water from such pipes is exposed to living things, and it is of utmost importance to ensure that the water is always fresh and healthy.

The budget

The cost of a hosepipe will be determined by the length and thickness therein. Also, different manufacturers produce different qualities which will be sold at different prices. Therefore you ought to consider the ideal length and quality in order to determine costs that you could incur.